Spring Feeders, Spring Disentanglers, rotary parts separators, o ring assembly machines

CPR Automation manufactures a number of devices to aid everyday assembly of that of parts that have been designed without thought for assembly. For manual assembly, the task of handling parts such as springs, ball bearings and small pressings often takes longer than actually putting them together. For many of those fiddly items we have time saving devices, such as spring feeders, spring dispensers, rotary parts feeders, oring feeders and assembly equipment. CPR believe that with over 45 years of experience that they can suggest a solution for almost any feeding application which you may have:

Spring DisentanglerSpring Disentangler, clean room
Spring Dispensers/Spring Feeders/ Spring Detanglers, disentangle coil springs (16mm diameter maximum) and blow feed them to the assembly point. Standard escapements are available for either manual pen escapement or automatic multi escapements for assembly situations.  Whatever your requirement CPR can offer you a feeding system sutibale for your application, please contact us to discuss our free trial and report service to ensure that your spring is suitable for a particular feeding technique.


Rotary Component Separator

Rotary Parts Separators will disentangle many small pressings or unusually shaped springs and discharge them down a chute. These units are most frequently used for manual assembly operations but can also be used to trickle feed difficult parts to a bowl feeder for auto assembly.


O Ring assembler

O Ring Assembly Machines are available with either magazine feed of vibratory bowl feed. They remove the potential RSI or injury to fingers that operators may encounter in pushing O rings over the traditional conical tooling.   These units are tooled to your specifications and come complete with all necessary controls. 

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