Automated Assembly machines, manual assembly benches

No two companies or their products demand the same level of assembly automation or quality checking. CPR Automation designs and manufactures Special Purpose Machines, Special Purpose Automated Systems, and Bespoke Automated Machinery to meet all of our customers specific needs and requirements:

Manual assembly bench

Manual Assembly Benches with assembly aids, intergrated assembly tools and tooling, checking and testing equipment and poke yoke devices for quality assurance.

Makemore assembly cell

Operator loaded Assembly Machines and Assembly Equipment, to fulfil the requirement for semi automating repetitive manual assembly, perhaps with some simple automatic operations to improve quality control or RSI reduction, as well as ensuring that every component manufactured on the Assembly cell is common.  A variety of assembly checks and processes as well as data collection and displaying can all be included into your system to afford you full SPC control in required.

Rotary transfer assembly machine

Rotary Transfer Assembly Machines or Rotary index machines for higher volume applications and more automatic assembly processes, including vibratory bowl feeding and sorting, linear or conveyor feeding, pressing operations, forming and checking operations, riveting and screwdriving stations and many more to suit your prodcut requirements.

Pallet transfer assembly machine

Pallet Transfer Assembly Systems and conveyor based Automated Assembly Systems can be used to  provide more versatility for a mix of manual and automatic assembly processes, as well as buffering for time consuming functions and processes.  This is also an effective Automated solution if many different variants are required on the same system, as this allows for specific pallet tooling for each variants.

Our broad 45 years of experience incorporating different assembly processes enables us to integrate the right equipment to fulfil customer requirements. For optimum reliability and maintainability, proprietary equipment is used wherever practical and is supplemented with bespoke tooling as necessary.

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